5 Formula 1 Races You Have To Experience

If you’re a student who’s into sports and has a bit of disposable income then you’ll love the experience of going to a Grand Prix. Here are 5 of the best…


The principality of Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world located in the south of France. However, its size is nothing compared to its popular Grand Prix race held every year in the month of May. The Formula one race puts Monaco on the face of the world as it attracts fans from all corners of the globe. It is one of classic Formula  races with the lowest speed and narrow lanes which make it hard to overtake. The reason you should experience this race is the proximity to the circuit and the availability of different stands that give different views for the race. If you’re particularly well off then you can even pay for hospitality tickets with Ultimate Monaco Grand Prix for 2015.

monaco gp hospitality


The Spa Francorchamps is a legendary formula race that takes place in Belgium on a historical circuit. The circuit boasts of a dramatic setting that goes through challenging corners such as Eau Rouge, the La Source Hair pin, Blamchimont and the Kemmel Straight. The circuit was originally 15 kilometers long and included the stunning Ardennes countryside. It proved challenging and dangerous and has since been shortened to 7 kilometers. It remains one of the longest and most demanding circuits in the Formula 1 races. It offers an unmatched experience with high-speed races, dangerous corners and wholesome racing action.


The Silverstone Grand Prix in Britain holds an important position in the history of motorsport. It has come a long way since its inception in 1948, Silverstone circuit was shaped out of a WW1 war field and as you sit in your stand watching powerful engines racing the circuits, it is hard to remember its past. It features a fast and challenging track that has attracted huge motor sporting names and fans from all over the world.


The Italian Grand Prix is one of the formula races that you have to make a point of experience at least in your lifetime. It is the longest racing event in the calendar of Formula 1 races. It takes place on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza Circuit in the outskirts of the gorgeous city of Milan. The circuit boasts of long straights, the home to Ferrari and being the fastest tracks in the entire Europe continent. It is a highly anticipated event as it offers thrilling experiences; it has also been the stage for Formula 1’smost memorable events including tragedies and victories. The race’s proximity to the fashion conscious city of Milan also offers visitors a chance to enjoy off the stands experiences such as visiting historic sites, shopping, dining and exploring the city.


The Bahrain Grand Prix may not have the longest of histories in the Formula 1 racing calendar, but it has a lot of attention the world over. The Bahrain International Circuit had its first Formula 1 race in 2004. The circuit was originally a camel farm in the desert of Manama. Bahrain Grand Prix offers a different experience in the Middle East with a few long straights and slow corners. It is a race that continues to attract both praise and criticism, the more the reason you should be a part of it.

Three of the best day trips from Nice, France

Nice is a fantastic base to explore the south of France. It offers the cheapest accommodation, plenty of fast food outlets to grab some of the locals favourite ‘Socca’ and is well placed on the coast to enable travel to other locations to the east and west. There is an amazing rail network that connects the main destinations such as Monaco, Menton, Cannes, Antibes and Ventimiglia but for an even cheaper option then local buses offer travel for just €1.50 each way!

If you are short of time in Nice it can be difficult to know where to head to with so many options so hopefully this post will help as we have picked 3 of the best day trips from Nice.


Monaco is the ultimate destination for luxury, style and extravagance, but don’t let this put you off. It is still a fantastic place to visit on a budget as there is plenty to wander round and see without spending a penny! Whether you arrive by but or train your starting point will be down by the harbour where there will be some of the biggest super yachts in the world! Once you have marvelled at these and fantasised about which one you would choose if you won the lottery then you should head up the hill to Casino square to admire the Ferraris parked outside the casino. Once you have absorbed the atmosphere of the casino then wander back down the hill and venture to the other side of Monaco to see the elegant palace and home of the Grimaldi family.

Eze & Eze Sur Mer

Just a short trip from Nice on either a bus or train is Eze Sur Mer. Here there is a beautiful beach perfect for unrolling a towel and relaxing for a few hours with a picnic. Once you are getting restless then follow the signs to Eze village. A winding and scenic path will take you up to the village with plenty of photo opportunities along the way. The walk takes about an hour altogether so be sure to take some water if you are there in the summer. Once in Eze village you can stroll around the ancient streets that are so perfect they are almost like a film set!


Glamorous Cannes, the home of the world famous International Film Festival is another place where you will find incredible super yachts and luxury shops selling items with high price tags! Again though, like much of the south of France, you don’t need to be a millionaire to appreciate Cannes. The long promenade, La Croisette, that stretches out along the sea front is a great people watching spot and if you climb up the hill in the old town you get a fantastic view back down.



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